Hello, Cruel World

Image of two identical TV dinner plates next to each other with peas, a brownie, and applesauce in the top sections and corndogs with a side of mustard in the entree section. On one side of each plate is an identical cloth napkin and a silver spoon.





I was looking for a creative outlet in a blog, but I couldn’t decide what exactly my blog should focus on. Writing is certainly not my strong point, so I needed some kind of theme. My problem with themes is: I can never commit to one. And they say if you try to be everything to everyone, you end up being nothing to no one. I finally decided to stop taking advice from they. This is my new blog on being a devoted novice. I do not intend on being expert in anything, but I’ll at least give whatever a try. That said, I do have fairly girly tastes. So, expect a lot of posts on crafts and sewing, but expect other posts on books, my professional life, day trips, and whatever else I feel like posting. Sometimes they won’t be girly; I like to think I keep people guessing (just kidding, I’m comically predictable). I hope this becomes interesting to someone not related to me!


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