Things I Find in Books

I much prefer hard-copy books to e-books. I’m not going to wax poetic on the feel or the smell of a book, I don’t think that kind of nostalgia is a productive conversation for the continued printing of books (in my opinion, issues of copyright as well as privacy are more pressing).

I’ve been a library person my whole life. Whenever I tell someone I’m a librarian and it’s met with a smarmy response like “but no one uses the library anymore,” I genuinely feel sorry for the person who can only read, watch, listen to or play with what he or she can afford. Those people are wrong, anyway. Unless a ghost is using the 2.46 billion materials circulating per year in the United States alone.

But, I’m getting off topic. Not only do I love paper books, I love library books. Mainly because they’re free, but also because I LOVE what people leave behind. Highlighting is probably my least favorite find (unless the highlighting is mysterious). It’s so interesting to see what people use as bookmarks or what they note on a post-it (I usually keep the bookmarks).

Some time ago, I got some good finds in Green Girl by Kate Zambreno (SUCH a good book, by the way).

Image of a long post-it shaped like an otter with a smile on its face on top of a page of a book with the quote by Alfred Hitchcock: "Blondes make the best victims. They're like virgin snow that shows up the bloody footprints"

That is exactly where I found this happy guy.

Even better was the notecard FULL of references made in the book—and of course, I didn’t know the references had to do with the book until I started it.

Image of pink notecard on top of a page of a book. Notecard has a list of pop culture and other references made in the book Green Girl by Kate Zambreno

The other side is full of similar scribblings, but also includes the previous borrower’s last name. All that talk in the beginning about privacy, I’m not going to reveal myself as a hypocrite so soon.


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