Finished Project: Yellow Embroidered Dress

Image of author in flower market with a back view of yellow handmade dress with v-back

New Look 6020
Fabric from ebay
Embroidery design from Sublime Stitching

I’ve had a very unhealthy obsession with sewing for about twelve years. One might call it a mania. It will take some time to build the trust I require to share the amount of sewing materials I own (and continue to buy). In the meantime, let me share my most recent successful project (my current unsuccessful project will most likely come in a later post).

I finished this dress a few months ago. For something so simple, it took way longer than necessary. Now that I’m a “professional” I don’t have as much time or energy to sew as much as I used to. I’m also trying harder to focus on quality over quantity, which takes time.

image of author in yellow handmade dress with a white flower embroidery on shoulder

The little flowers are from the now-deceased Stitch It Kit by Jenny Hart. I find embroidery so relaxing and I don’t do it nearly enough. Adding a little detail like this scratches that itch, though.

Image of author on apartment balcony with arm resting on railing in yellow handmade dress

In regards to quality over quantity, I really hesitate to make anything without pockets. I am not very skilled in patternmaking, so if a dress pattern does not come with pockets, I just add them to the side seam. Problem is, I also love side-zip dresses and putting pockets in requires way too much effort on my part. This dress luckily has two seams down the front and I added them there. I wish it was one big kangaroo pocket, but see: name of this blog.

Image of author on apartment balcony with hands in pockets of yellow handmade dress

These pictures are from a recent vacation to Hong Kong (the purpose: purchasing fabric, duh). It was a humid market paradise, I loved it. This dress was perfect there. The yellow fabric is woven cotton and I lined it with a cotton knit. As an uncontrollably sweaty person, this was a good combination. I also wore it to a conference a few weeks ago with tights and a cardigan (yes, I wore a cardigan to a librarian conference, shut up). I really love clothes that can be worn in many situations. I’m hoping that writing that in a public place will hold me to making more versatile pieces.


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