GIF Recipe: Pumpkin Soup

GIF showing each step of blog post's pumpkin soup recipe

Whole Pumpkin Punkin Soup

I. Love. This. Soup. Cheesy pumpkin soup is definitely too rich for a traditional turkey dinner, but before you get out of the fall spirit, it’ll do you good. Plus– you only need about 5 dishes, so this weekend when your dishes are still piled up (not that I know anything about that), you can make something to go with turkey sandwiches.

Inspired by Apple Pie, Patis, & Pate.

Need: small sugar pumpkin, grated gruyere or any melty cheese, half&half, nutmeg, s&p, buttah (you’re a big kid, decide how much you want)

Tools: knife, cheese grater, scooping spoon, casserole dish, immersion blender

Directions: Scoop, add: half&half, grated gruyere, butter, nutmeg, s&p, bake at 400ish, poke, scoop the pumpkin out, blend, chomp (well, slurp).

I’m not sure if a GIF makes the recipe any easier to follow, but I tend to avoid recipes and ever since I got a GIF app on my phone, I have to GIF-ify all the things.

P.S. WordPress is recommending the tag “Domesticated turkey.” My new band name.


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