LOLSew: Hello Ladies or the Ambiguously Lesbian Edition

I had a feeling this would turn into a sewing blog. But I reserve the right to write (whoa) about whatever I want. And today I am CHOOSING to write about sewing. Again. And lesbians.

My tendency is to assume everyone is gay until I learn otherwise, but perhaps that is the fantasy world I live in. Recently, I started noticing a covert underground culture in vintage sewing patterns. For example:

Image of front of envelope for dress pattern McCall's 4649

McCall’s 4649

I love how Hat is keeping an eye on Red’s husband as she gets her Goose in. Speaking of husbands, it’s clear what the situation is on this Vogue pattern:

Image of front of envelope for dress pattern Vogue 8957

Vogue 8957

Blonde is breaking up with Red, claiming she can’t hurt her husband. Red is trying to convince her that she could make Blonde happier than she ever thought possible if she would only run away with her to that organic farm in Upstate New York they’d always dreamed of.

Image of front of envelope for dress pattern Butterick 4810

Butterick 4810

If you ask me, that kind of eye contact says they’ll be doing much more than sit-ins at the Women’s Empowerment Council. P.S. I love the stamp, “Beside the Peterborough Drive-In.”

Other patterns are not ambiguous at all:

Image of front of envelope for dress pattern Advance 9928

Advance 9928

These are just two ladies in love, there’s not much else to it.

I might be reading too much into some sewing patterns, but if this isn’t a lesbian party I wasn’t invited to, I don’t know what is:

Image of front of envelope for dress pattern Simplicity 5320

Simplicity 5320

Aside: can we please bring back the term kiki?

Finally, I hope to see a reinterpretation of this image on the cover of Monica Nolan’s next book:

Image of front of envelope for dress pattern McCall's 2189

McCall’s 2189

A 1970’s fashion designer hires a cute new pattern-maker who is getting in the middle of more than just a design and finished garment. If you’re reading this Monica, I’m full of ideas.

I realize I don’t have a lot of followers yet, but if you find any ALP (I’ve decided Ambiguously Lesbian Patterns is now a thing), please link to them in the comments. I live for this shit.


2 responses

  1. there is much going on below the surface here- good eye!


  2. Hahaha! I love it! Why did I never notice these, erm, tendencies in patterns before? And me, a proud member of the queer community.


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