Finished Project: Woodland Robe

Collage of Finished Project Butterick 3655

OOP Butterick 3655
Fabric from Sham Shui Po markets in Hong Kong

It took me way too long to finish this robe. This was originally going to be a Thanksgiving robe and instead ended up being a Tuesday, January 14th robe, but that’s ok. Emily isn’t picky. She loves it (and looks so cute, too).

Emily Robe full

I am excited that I used vacation fabric within a few months of acquiring it. The fabric shops in Hong Kong are phenomenal. Streets are lined with fabric swatches- which I find to be much easier to browse than piles of bolts or rolls.

Fabric markets at Sham Shui PoFabric markets at Sham Shui Po Fabric markets at Sham Shui Po

There is also a FIVE METER minimum- I don’t know about you all, but I usually buy about 3 yards tops, so this was especially indulgent. Luckily, I knew this ahead of time and brought a suitcase only for fabric (this might indicate the severity of my problem). I ended up getting a number of great quality and fun fabrics. The knit I used for this robe is fantastically soft, and what really pulled me in was this bear, who looks like he walked into a room and couldn’t remember why:

Emily Robe Bear

I don’t work with knits often and had to make some adjustments to the robe- mainly taking a bit off the shoulders so the seam wasn’t sitting halfway down Emily’s arm. I love that the fabric doesn’t fray, which saved me from serging all the edges. I did make some tree ornaments out of this knit by cutting around the forest animals, sewing around the design (on the outside) and stuffing it. They were a bit unfinished, but I like to call it “shabby chic.”

Emily Robe back

Except for the amount of time it took me to make this, I’m very happy with it. I know a robe is not all that exciting, but considering how little Emily and I like to wear pants, this will make having visitors much easier, haha! Next up, I’m making a robe for myself out of some vintage terry cloth. So look for that post in about six months.

Some time ago, I promised I’d share a recent failed project. Perhaps that will be my next post. I hate to put another blog out in the world that makes it seem like everything the author does is successful. I think it could be useful to show off what doesn’t work out- we can all see it as a learning experience. Thoughts?

Emily Robe collar


2 responses

  1. I like to see how everything turns out – the good, the bad and the ugly! The robe looks nice!


  2. Great, because I’ve got some ugly to share 🙂


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