Failed Project: It’s the Devil

Sorry about this post’s subtitle– I really couldn’t help it.


McCall’s 6755
Fabric from Etsy

As promised, I’d like to make a habit of sharing my not-finished projects, not only because I’m irritatingly self-deprecating, but also because I think mistakes are learning experiences (so don’t give me any sympathy I DON’T WANT IT!).

This top looks easy enough, right? But, it was probably doomed to fail from the beginning. I probably was moving way too fast without reading the instructions carefully. What keeps tripping me up is the back flap. It’s probably hard to see, but I can’t seem to understand the instructions and it ends up being messy and unfinished.
Back of blouseblouse improvisation

I actually took the time to make a muslin and when I couldn’t figure it out, I was like “oh well, guess I’ll start anyway.” Of course the steps were as unclear as with my muslin.

Additionally, this fabric is not really meant for everyday apparel. In fact, it’s kind of nasty. Like Halloween costume nasty. I just love the print, though! Look at those little devil angelssss!!! I was perfectly aware when I bought two yards that it could be risky, but figured I could make a loose novelty blouse with it.

blouse detail

I’m still hoping to use this fabric for something- maybe as a yoke rather than an entire blouse. It might take the edge off anyway, since even if the back flap did work out, it still looks a little….scrub-like, maybe? I’m thinking of refashioning it into something like Butterick 5356:

Butterick 5356

Or even as a collar, like Simplicity 1693:

Simplicity 1693

So anyway, if any of you think you might know what I’m doing wrong, please please comment. Any failed project stories are appreciated as well (don’t make me feel alone in this!).


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  1. Its never easy working with the devil!


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