LOLSew: How to Style Patterns for Men

There are a number of elements that should be integrated into the envelope design of a pattern for men’s clothing:

A perched leg

Make use if what is available- such as an empty barrel…

Western 232

Or air!

Simplicity 6247

An item to hold

Cigarettes give a great Don Draper feel, especially when one is indulging in one’s underwear.

McCall 7905

Or hiding one behind one’s back.

McCall 7499

Items that can be associated with sleepwear: an alarm clock being looked at with uncertainty, a journal, or yawning.

Simplicity 1635

Business cards?

Simplicity 5029

The outline of a flask really says one is about to do some serious negotiating.

Simplicity 6256

Encourage an active lifestyle with weights being lifted up to one’s mouth.

Kwik Sew 1819

And again, make use of what you may have available, such as a lasso.

02 Feb09 Simplicity 8473

A place to put one’s elbow

Integrate weekend-at-home elements, such as the top of a fence.

Advance 3968

The mantel.

Simplicity 9124

One’s own knee.

Butterick 2125

If home elements are not available, air works just as well as an elbow perch as a knee perch.

Simplicity 8541

Finally, elements may be tastefully combined to create a striking image.

McCalls 7558


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