Finished Project: A Christmas Robe in March

vintage yellow robe collage

Vintage McCall’s 5651
Fabric from ebay (vintage terrycloth)

It didn’t take six months like I predicted, but I’ve been absent because I was saving this post for you. I thought I would be done with this robe about three weekends ago, but there are no deadlines in this game called life.

Envelope of vintage sewing pattern McCall's 5651

A robe is one of those things that I never had any use for when I began sewing and one that felt a little too beginner once I became better at sewing. But, I also really don’t like clothes. I love having visitors, but I become seriously uncomfortable having to wear clothes for more than 10 hours a day. When I get home, I usually don’t keep my clothes on for more than 5 minutes. This can be a problem when say, UPS rings the doorbell at 1PM on a Saturday and I have to scramble to find clothes in order to sign for my package. And wrapping a Snuggie around me is probably a more inelegant image than I want to present to the world. So I finally made myself a robe so that my visitors, couriers, and I all can be a little more comfortable.

vintage yellow robe pockets

I love the button-closure on this robe instead of a tie belt– it’s one less piece to sew and I don’t have to deal with re-adjusting the belt over and over.

vintage yellow robe buttons

It has a tendency to expose up top. I wonder if I should put some buttons up the edge, like a jacket? We don’t have any visitors planned anytime soon, so I have some time to think about it.

vintage yellow robe closed

(me thinking about it)

And isn’t it so sweet that it has a skirt! It’s like a nice warm absorbent towel-dress.

vintage yellow robe skirt

I might make actual towels out of the scraps of this material. I’m pretty sure that’s what it was meant for. I got something like six yards for less than $20, thank god for ebay.

vintage yellow robe back

One of these days I’ll take myself seriously enough for self-portraits.

I’ve got a Salme pattern coming up next- I should probably make one or two things with less than four pieces. Some instant gratification might be motivating.


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