Finished Project: Seven-Year Sweater

Striped Sweater | A Devoted Novice

Pattern from Vintage Knits by Sarah Dallas
Yarn probably from The Weaving Works– Rowan 4-Ply Soft in Leafy and Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Essence

I’m not sure if I want to start this post with a metaphysical conversation about what “finished” means. Is anything ever finished? Depending on what time of day you ask me, I either finished this sweater a few weeks ago or seven years ago (not a typo).

Striped Sweater | A Devoted Novice

Looking back at the Other Blog, I started this in March of 2007 and gave up November of that year. At the time, I had basically just gotten sick of it and I didn’t think it fit particularly well, so I stuffed it in a bag until I decided whether or not I wanted to finish it or re-purpose the yarn. That sad sack went back and forth between me, Mom, Seattle, Austin, Los Angeles. I finally decided that I either needed to finish it or get rid of it.

Striped Sweater | A Devoted Novice

Clearly I decided to finish it. I’m still not crazy about it (wish I had made it longer), and seeing how it’s not exactly sweater weather in Southern California, I won’t be able to give it many test runs for a while. It was funny to see some of my amateur work up close, and I am glad I finished it now that I’m much better at sewing knitted seams. I also like remembering my 21-year-old sense of time and allegiance. Eight months on this sweater and I don’t like it? Scrap it, and on to the next thing. The sweater I’m currently working on has been going for about eight months and the thought of setting it aside for seven years starting now makes me anxious just thinking about it. I COULD BE DEAD IN SEVEN YEARS!

Striped Sweater | A Devoted Novice

I didn’t even think to blog about it since it didn’t feel like a finished project. All I did was sew a few seams. But since it didn’t get its time to shine, I suppose it deserves it now.

You’ll have to excuse the lack of eye contact, styling, and sorry attempts at Photoshop. It’s a no-shower Sunday, so you’re lucky I even put on a bra. Back to lounging!


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