Finished Project: Instant Gratification

Salme Kimono Top Collage

Pattern: Salme Kimono Top 108
Fabric: Robert Kaufman Radiance in Taupe

Let me start by saying I highly dislike print-at-home patterns. Clearly not enough to not buy them, but I only do so reluctantly. Even if the system for downloading the pattern isn’t, as Erin McKean would say, borked I really do not like having to do the labor of piecing together my pattern pieces. I just want to get to the sewing. If I mess up cutting out, I just go to the next $1.99 sale at Joann and buy another one.

But Salme patterns are so cute and I have zero self-control.

Salme Kimono Top Front

The fabric is a cotton-silk blend from Robert Kaufman. I bought yards and yards of it in different colors so I can make all the tops. I’m not sure if this fabric was really made for apparel- it’s kind of thin and probably best for lining. That said, I do plan on using the rest of my yardage for apparel.

I imagine I’ll use it more as a tucking-in top, but I wore it with jeans yesterday and got a compliment.

Salme Kimono Top Tucked In

I realize I didn’t really need a pattern for a kimono top- it’s basically just a square with cuffs.

Salme Kimono Top Back

But again, I like the sewing part of sewing. And after all, I needed some instant-gratification sewing. If I hadn’t f-ed up the neck facing (and teeny tiny stitches are so hard to rip out!!!), I could have finished this in an afternoon. Oh- I also didn’t realize the patterns don’t come with seam allowance. So now I have to print out my pattern and put it together, but I also have to measure out seam allowance? Ughhhhh!!!! Luckily, this top is just a square with cuffs, so it didn’t really make much of a difference.

I sometimes get asked about good patterns for beginning sewers. I’ll try to keep this in mind, so I was sure to create a tag aptly called “beginner pattern” if I think something could be a less-than-frustrating pattern. Sadly, one of my favorite parts of writing this blog is classification. Despite my complaints, I take full responsibility for the mistakes in the creation of this pattern and still recommend it.


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