Finished Projects and Apologies

It seems I’ve got some catching up to do! And what better way than sharing three of my most recently finished projects (“recently” being relative).

Headband Collage

Artisan Knot Headband
Macrame cord from Joann
Knot tying tutorials from Morrow Guide to Knots (sliding knot) and Tying It All Together (bumblebee knot)

When I say recent is relative, this is what I’m talking about: not long before I saw the Portlandia skit for Artisan Knots, I checked out a bunch of knot-making books. This is not the first time I’ve had that experience (example: We Can Pickle That). That show sometimes hits a little too close to home.

ANYWAY, I went ahead with my hipster endeavors and made a bumblebee knot using a YouTube video (sorry, library books). And in my usual way, I could not commit to where I wanted to wear my bumblebee knot. Should it be a necklace? A belt? Should I wrap it around a Mason jar (jk- I like to think I’m not that much of a hipster). Months pass and I’m browsing through my knot book and come across a sliding knot and inspiration/commitment hits! A headband!!

Headband Selfie

Which is exactly what fuels my commitment problems– “if I settle for making a necklace and then later have a eureka moment I CAN NEVER MAKE IT AGAIN!” Clearly my fears are irrational.

ANYWAY, the great thing about this headband is that the sliding knot prevents the usual headband headache. And even with my short style, the sliding knot hides under your hair.

Back of my head with headband

Back of my Head

I dipped the ends in melted wax from a candle to secure it, but pretty much what you’re looking at is all macrame cord. I was thinking I could paint or dye other projects (in fact, that was another reason this was lying around doing nothing– I couldn’t decide if I wanted to dye it).

05 May11 Headband

Knot to mention (heh heh), knotting is a meditative activity and makes a great gift. I want to try the Celtic Heart Knot knext.

05 May11 NEXT

05 May11 TopCollage

 Pattern: Simplicity 1690
Fabric: Robert Kaufman Radiance from Beverly’s
Bling: Joann

You might remember from my last Finished Project post I was in an instant gratification phase. I don’t think I have much to add– this is the same fabric and an equally easy pattern. Perfect weekend project: two pattern pieces, bias neckline, fold and sew sleeves & hem. Yep.

05 May11 NEXT

05 May11 tshirtgif

Idea: Uber Chic For Cheap
T-Shirts from

Not much to it, but I still LOOOVE this t-shirt. I saw the DIY Colorblock Tees on Pinterest and it fit nicely into my instant gratification projects. It’s pretty much as easy as it looks: cut a shirt in half, swap tops, and sew back together.

05 May11 DoubleTop Back

05 May11 DoubleTop Front

These shirts are like butter. I want to buy them all. But I started with Light Red and Maroon here.

Ok! I already have an idea for my next post, so I promise I won’t abandon you for another month (ok, I won’t promise– I can only do so much!)


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  1. Just thought you should know that I think your blog is wonderful so I nominated you for a Liebster Award! To see the rules and your nomination please visit my blog.


    1. Thanks!! How exciting! I hope you don’t mind if I get to this in my next post.


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