Finished Project: Boob Hat!

06 June11 Hatcollage

Crocheted Breastfeeding Hat aka Boob Hat
Pattern from livinginamethyst via Etsy
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Bone and Soft Pink

I cackled the first time I saw a nippy hat on Pinterest and I’m pretty sure the 2nd thing I said to my friend when she told me she was pregnant was “NOW I GET TO MAKE A BOOB HAT!” The first thing, of course, being “That’s so great!” (at least let me remember it that way).

As you can probably tell from the look of it, the hat crochets up easily. You start at the top, so it could be awkward to have a little nipple sitting on the table of your Copenhagen AirBnB while you’re out sightseeing. Only if you choose to let it be awkward.

06 June11 Nip2 PS

Additionally, I wasn’t exactly sure if my nipple looked right (amiright, ladies???), so I probably remade it three or four times until I finally accepted what God gave me.

06 June11 Flat Hat

Finished the rest of it on the flight back from Denmark, where luckily, Em and I did not have a third in our row (what would you say if someone next to you on the plane was clearly crocheting a boob?). If the Etsy page for the pattern I used is correct, apparently this activity raises Breast Cancer Awareness ™…???? Not sure about that, but the hat was well-received at last weekend’s baby shower and I’m looking forward to being able to laugh at a baby wearing it for my own sick entertainment.

06 June11 Top of Hat


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