LOLSew: How Much More Niche Can You Get?

Rather than waiting another several weeks before I get motivated enough to do a full post, why not just share these things as I come across them? I shouldn’t make you wait any longer to appreciate the existence of this gem:

07 July28 HorseClothing
From TheHowlingHag via Etsy

Something I find especially interesting about vintage sewing is all the stuff people used to sew. Now, it’s such a novelty to sew something like underwear because it’s optional. It’s a luxury to be able to spend your free time making something you can buy for a few dollars (and oh man do I have some vintage underwear patterns to share…at some point).

But, horse clothing? So many things have to come together to make a person a target reader of this book, right? And it was first published in 1983, not exactly during Make Do And Mend (by the way, after Googling that I learned there is a band called Make Do And Mend, who would have thought?). Asides aside, this person would also have to have a horse (or an interest in horses), AND understand a horse’s sartorial needs. Plus, they would have to enjoy sewing. For horses.

Is it crazy that this book blows my mind?


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  1. I love this! So random and fabulous!


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