Finished Project: Roos

08 Aug17 Roos collage

Pattern: Sew Lovely P 503 S
Fabric: from Harts Fabric

As I mentioned before, I’ve always wanted to make myself a pair of underroos. And now that my sewing aspirations have been met, I can finally stop sewing (lollllllzzz). And as promised, I will not model them.

08 Aug17 Roos pattern

I think it’s fairly common knowledge in the home sewing world that vintage patterns are annoyingly difficult to decipher. And just to frustrate myself, I guess, I decided the first time I was going to make undies, I would use a vintage pattern (and with a knit, which I also hardly ever sew with). I hit some difficulty by Step 2, so I ended up using the instructions from the Out-of-Print McCalls underwear pattern, which I hope to sew up in the near future.

08 Aug17 Roos sew lovely

I was on a vintage underwear pattern kick a few months ago. I love the drawing with her long, flowy blonde hair, just chillin in her, ahem, “full coverage” bikini undies.

08 Aug17 Roos rear

I’m not going to call them granny panties.

I actually did cut a bit out of the rear and they still cover everything. The crotch piece is comically wide, and I thought about taking a picture, but perhaps that would be too much? Regardless, they are SO COMFORTABLE it’s like they’re not even there. Perfect fit. And I had to put a little bow on the front, since they’re not panties without a little frill.

08 Aug17 Roos detail

So happy with them! I have three or four other patterns I want to try out at some point, but my fabric stash doesn’t include a lot of knits (guess I have to go fabric shopping!!! Emily is groaning right now). I don’t think they were easy enough to earn a “beginner pattern” tag, so I created a new one for less than one yard (tags are at the bottom of the post). I have a few small pieces in my stash that I could use up, so I should start paying attention to smaller pieces.

If you ever need some low-mental-energy fun, I highly suggest doing a search for “panties sewing pattern” on Etsy and limiting to Vintage. You’ll get gems like the following:

08 Aug17 Sew Knit n Stretch

Now these are full coverage

08 Aug17 frill

LOVE the frill! I actually legitimately want these. Also: Fanny’s Fabrics? Irony is ALIVE.

08 Aug17 onesie

What is this onesie I can’t even

08 Aug17 thong

Again, Fanny got AROUND. Who wouldn’t want to sew their own thong-th-thong-thong-thong? Sorrynotsorry.

08 Aug17 girdle

On the whole other end of the spectrum, you can also make your very own Spanx! I mean girdle!

Completely off topic, I spend a few days last week in Palm Springs at a midcentury-modern hotel called the Orbit In, which was a delight. Here I am floating in my inflatable pretzel.  Since we’re on the topic of vintage, thought I’d share (look at that poolside bar!). Emily knows how to plan a weekend getaway.
08 Aug17 Palm Springs


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  1. I just bought this pattern and will be making these today. Thank you for sharing your undie making journey.


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