Finished Project: Monster Booties

11 Nov15 monster booties 2Pattern: Ravelry user Needyl
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Bone and Sensations Angel Hair in Light Green

Reproduction season seems to be winding down as far as my circles go. The latest addition to the world made my good friend an aunt. The little dude gave me another chance to add to my knitting repertoire: booties.

11 Nov15 monster bootiesI made them inside-out, meaning reverse-stockinette. I thought the purl bumps made the yarn look fuzzier (added bonus: mistakes undetectable). Not unlike socks, baby booties take me longer than I expect. Yes, I probably could have knit the pair up in an afternoon, but I get that feeling of satisfaction when I finish one and decide I need a “break” before working up the motivation to start the second.

What took the longest was getting the little claws in. The pattern basically just said claws= french knots. I kept making them like embroidery french knots and it WAS NOT WORKING. Then I realized a powerful force called the Internet could help me and quickly found a YouTube tutorial. All the information in the world cannot stop me from stubbornly insisting I CAN FIGURE IT OUT.

11 Nov15 Monster booties 3They somehow ended up two different sizes, but hey– babies don’t give a fuck. Someone has insisted I make them in adult size, so I might have to worry a little more about matching at that point.


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  1. […] you understandably did not make the connection, these are the adult version of last post’s monster booties. Apparently it only takes five “I WANT MONSTER BOOTIES” to cause me to give in to a […]


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