Things I Find In Books: We’ll All Miss Dede

I was doing some thrift shopping last weekend and came across a pink, sparkly journal. As I considered if it was a worthwhile purchase, I flipped through and found a single journal entry. I’d like to share it with you now. An analysis will follow.

02 Feb19 Dede

June 11, 2010 Today- Was the last day of school =( (=. I cryed so much, I m so sad It herts. Dede, my best friend Is Leaving ^my school ^and I can’t Imagin school without Dede. She’s the other half of me. Without her I’m nothing. The Idea of school is here, now. My prediction was right, I did cry :-(. I didn’t get a Hug from roman either :-(. We also had the mehendi Party and tomarow is the Wedding

I should preface my analysis by stating that I would definitely have diary entries from my childhood similar to this, if I hadn’t burned them all using nail polish remover as lighting fluid in my parents’ back yard. In fact, I probably have journal entries now that are equally dramatic. That I can relate to this confessional is why I love it so much.

I applaud the use of the happy/frowny face combo. With it, the reader understands the emotion of June 11 completely. Her first attempt at it clearly was unsatisfactory and as a reader, I appreciate her willingness to edit. The irregular capitalization adds to the conflicting feelings about the end of a school year. Summer break is usually something to look forward to, and the writer does. But, she also sees change ahead, which she fears. The snub of roman only adds insult and shakes her confidence. In the fall of 2010, she will not be returning to her childhood school with Dede and may never get another hug from roman. She will start anew, yet feel somewhat incomplete. With this change in her life, she has matured.

I do not know what a mehendi party is, but along with the upcoming wedding, one hopes these events provide welcome distraction from the life changes she is undergoing. The abrupt ending and absence of further entries suggests the writer’s session was interrupted and she felt her situation in life needed no further analysis. The outcome of the summer and upcoming school year is left to the reader.

I do hope the writer found a new friend who is as amiable as Dede but also one who helps her understand that she is herself a complete person. I also hope she eventually got the Hug from roman that she clearly deserved.


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