LOLSew: Sewing with Celebrities

As happy as I am to be back in the Pacific Northwest, I do miss the occasional celebrity sighting that I got in LA. I’ll be returning in May for a wedding but like true love, celebrities never appear when you are searching for them. Sigh. At least I can experience a similar moment of EEP! when I am looking through vintage sewing patterns. I never watched Lizzy Maguire, but I do own a few patterns from Hilary Duff’s McCalls line. 04 April4 Duff pattern It is really hard to imagine some of the newer Disney princesses designing a line of sewing patterns. But looking at some vintage patterns, I guess it wasn’t quite so unusual to see familiar faces in the catalogs at Joann. Surely most vintage-pattern enthusiasts have seen a Brooke Shields pattern or two: 04 April4 M9566Brooke 04 April4 M9088Brooke Lauren Hutton shows up pretty often as well: 04 April4 lauren hutton 04 April 4 6644huttonChristie Brinkley had a line of Simplicity patterns that are just-eighties-enough to look retro and not too dated: 04 April4 9742Brinkley 04 April4 9695Brinkley 04 April4 8944Brinkley Then again, some are extremely eighties: 04 April4 8903Brinkley If you are in the market for extremely eighties patterns, look no further than the Dynasty line: 04 April4 2275dynasty 04 April4 9484dynasty 04 April4 collins Of course, Diana Ross works in any decade: 04 April 4 | 6779diana 04 April4 5874diana 04 April4 5875diana Never forget… 04 April4 diana-ross-lil-kim-boobie The eighties do seem to dominate when it comes to celebrified sewing patterns. The earliest example I could find was this one, with Loretta Young playing the part of the perfect sixties Catholic many in her day pretended to be (OOF– my apologies, I never knew the rest of the story): 04 April4 loretta young Marie Osmond represents the seventies with this I’m-Taking-A-Women-Studies-Class-at-Cornell look: 04 April4 marie osmond Kathy Ireland brings it into the new millennium with this pattern from The Year 2000: 04 April4 kathyireland Oh and, according to the envelope, the new millennium does not consider bag E to be a fanny pack, but a “body contour bag.” When in LA, there are also times you THINK you see someone famous, but your eyes deceive you. Sometimes it’s just someone very good looking, and others are just a visual trick. Once, when Emily’s mom was visiting, I convinced myself Penny Marshall was walking into the restaurant where we were lunching. I get really excited when visitors get the chance to see the famous. It was bright outside, so her face was hard to see, but the hair, the gait. Definitely her. I wanted to wait until she entered the restaurant to point her out. A young woman with a clipboard (CLEARLY her assistant) left the car first and waited by the door. Finally, she walks in and…is not Penny Marshall. Oh well. Other times you’re just not paying attention. There was the time Norm from Cheers was sitting behind me at a bar. Emily spotted him and took a stealthy picture of me. I was like “why did you take a picture of me on my phone?” because I’m vain or something. Then, she was like, no, look BEHIND YOU. 161 Cheers, Norm Anyway, back to the patterns. If you look at this one with the corner of your eye, it SORRRRTA looks like Jennifer Lawrence (or am I pulling a Jon Stewart?) 04 April4 Butterick 4854 Lawrence Corey Feldman?!?!– oh no, that’s a woman. 04 April4 corey feldmanIs that Taylor Swift picking her butt?04 April4 Simplicity5937tswiftThen there’s the mystery Tommy Lee Jones pattern. This is the only picture I have and I can’t confirm the number (but it does look like the Simplicity logo). The etsy seller has listed the item as unavailable. Does it actually exist? Is it really him? 04 April4 TommyLeeJones What do you think?  Can this one count as a Sewing Pattern Celebrity Sighting? Anyone I’m missing?

EDIT: I was recently pointed to the mystery TLJ pattern. It’s Simplicity 9994 from 1981, but I’m not totally convinced it’s him. Even for the eighties, the guy on the pattern doesn’t quite have the same juts on his jowls. But Maybe? IS IT HIM???

The River Rat, 1984


2 responses

  1. I think I remember the Brooke Shields and the Dynasty patterns. I know I had the pattern for Diana Ross’ swimsuit! But I think I put a strap on it as I was afraid it would fall off. Memory lane!


  2. Diana’s swimsuit is pretty fabulous! Maybe one day I’ll have the guts to make swimwear. Also: I’m claiming Diana’s Swimsuit as my new band name.
    I wonder what it would look like to see sewing patterns inspired by stars and TV shows now- the Zooey Deschanel line, Claire Underwood from House of Cards…oh I’m drooling already.


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