Finished Project: Beret on a Plate

04 April28 BeretCollage

Pattern: Salut Cherie! by LunaKnit
Yarn: Sahara Camelhair & Merino in Natural and Green found yarn

I’ve been suffering from a case of the old writer’s block– the antidote of which seems to be WRITE! OR DON’T! As I’ve been doing so much of the latter, that has left me with time to finish some other creative projects.

The beret– a classic hat, easy to knit, and only takes a little finagling to get that perfect I-Just-Threw-This-Thing-On type of slant. The pattern actually called for blocking the thing on a plate, thus once again subjecting my SO to the mysteries of crafting (actual quote: “sooooo, why is there a wet hat on a plate?”). After all, a beret is basically just a slouchy plate on your head.

04 April28 blocked beret

I was originally planning on knitting this beret in a novelty knit I got on sale at Joann, but decided to go a little sleeker with the Sahara in Natural. Probably the most exotic hair I’ve worked with to date, it is listed as 65% Camelhair and 45% Merino (wait, that doesn’t add up). The family friend who gifted it also gave me a skein containing Yak! These are the things knitters get excited about.

A former roommate abandoned the not-quite-neon-green yarn along with a pair of needles and Vogue Knitting Quick Reference (!!!). At least I assumed she relinquished her knitting supplies when she moved out, but there’s no need to start questioning that now. What I’m trying to say is that I don’t know what the yarn is.

04 April28 BeretThere is such a thing as a free hat!


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