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LOLSew: The Kids Are All Cute

…So let’s kick it off with a kid with a goatee!

05 May 08 Butterick 3492

If you aren’t thinking about Zach Galifianakis’s Five Year Old Who Complains About Having a Beard, you are missing out on the simple joys in life.

You have to admit, when it comes to sewing pattern envelopes, kids are just like LOOK AT MY NEW OUTFIT compared with some of the adult models who seem to be realizing their dreams of Naomi-level supermodel fame is fading with each sewing pattern gig.06 June29 NL6031But look at these proud gals!!

06 June29 mccalls 9478

Daisies in my hair, don’t care

06 June29 s&s 3409

In 4th grade, geek is chic!

05 May 08 Simplicity 7080

Grrrlll…I do not understand what you’re wearing, but you are killing it!

05 May 08 Mccalls 9120

Does this come in adult size?

Then again, some aren’t as excited as others:

05 May 08 McCalls 7842

I think someone would rather wear the bear costume.

05 May 08 Simplicity 7108

05 May 08 Xmas story

Naturally, some know they are shining stars and are unhappy about sharing the spotlight.

05 May 08 Simplicity 5865

Where’s my agent? This was supposed to be a solo shoot.

05 May 08 McCalls 5952

She’s already practicing her best Naomi

05 May 08 Simplicity 6351

“Now give the flowers back to your sister and apologize so we can finish this shoot”

Others enjoy the opportunities models offer:

05 May 08 Butterick 6025

Some kids are kicking off their modeling career, practicing their poses juuuust so…

05 May 08 Simplicity 6307

05 May 08 Mccalls 7070

05 May 08 Vogue 2645

05 May 08 Mccalls 2651

05 May 08 Simplicity 8567

While others are just dazed and confused….

05 May 08 Vogue 1293


05 May 08 New Look 6136

Are my parents coming back?

When in doubt, just say AAAHHHHHH

05 May 08 Simplicity 6010

05 May 08 Simplicity 9723

05 May 08 Butterick 4849

All in all, nothing’s cuter than the Sewing Pattern Dapper Dons:

05 May 08 Simplicity 9349

05 May 08 Simplicity 7414

05 May 08 Simplicity 9887

05 May 08 McCalls 8585

Bitch, I’m fabulous

05 May 08 it's called fashion


Finished Projects: New and Old

0315 Collage

Life, man. It gets away from a person.

I just HAD to share a new dress that I made for my birthday Valentines Day the upcoming Joanna Newsom concert (March 29!!). I have some other projects that I have not yet shared in cyberspace, so let’s get reacquainted!

0315 6397 Collage.jpg

Pattern: vintage Simplicity 6397
Fabrics: Raw & kimono silks from etsy; lining, Robert Kaufman Radiance

My 30th birthday was in December and I was toooootally confident I could finish this dress in time for my cocktail hour, which happened to be occurring in…two days. Can’t say I’m proud of rushing through one of the rare times I make myself a SILK DRESS. In the end, I had to wear another ensemble but REALLY HERE, I had cocktails to drink so whatever.

Plus, it has a cape-like thing on the back and that makes up for any mistakes. Such as, the not-great yoke attachment:

0315 6397 Simplicity Sad yoke

I’ve pressed it a few more times so it’s getting there, but for now, most people’s point of view will be here:

0315 6397 Simplicity Front

Not too bad, Brad. It also helps that the front doesn’t matter much, look at this BACK:

0315 6397 Simplicity Back

[of the dress]

Not my most creative work as far as deviating from the pattern illustration. Try to guess which version I made:

0315 6397 Simplicity

I wanted to add some contrast, so I lined the inside of what I’ll call the cape-doublet (Frenchified!) with a gray kimono silk print that is just so delicate and lovely, I had to work up the courage to use even the small bits for this.

0315 6397 Simplicity Inside cape

Worth it!

The pattern had the cape just dangling in the wind, and I thought that was just asking for embarrassment (let’s say, a gust of wind throwing it into someone’s face. Most likely mine and yes I think about these things). I decided I’d cut the dress a few inches shorter than the cape and baste the ends to the raw hem of the dress. I cut out a lining with the front and back pieces, a few inches shorter than the dress. Attaching the lining along the hemline and basting the necklines together, the hem was lifted into place and the cape curved around it. It makes just a hint of a bubble hem and just a fun photo opportunity!

0315 6397 Simplicity lining

To keep with the no-hem theme, I cut out a mirror-image sleeve and folded it over into a double-layer that I basted as one piece. In all likelihood, I’ll be very overdressed at the concert as Seattleites tend to wear North Face and jeans everywhere. But I like being overdressed, so I CAN’T WAIT.

05 May11 NEXT

0315 1887 Simplicity collage

Pattern: Simplicity 1887
Fabric: vintage from a garage sale

I finished this last October or November when I was still working on my STOUT projects. I assume I never blogged about this one because…well it’s a skirt. It was easy, it has elastic, it has pockets and an attached tie belt. There.

I worked some pattern-mixing in. Both fabrics are very polyester stretch wovens, making them perfect for skirts (only way to keep things breathing).

0315 1887 Simplicity pocket

I love the elastic panel across the back. The pattern includes options for pants and shorts, getting me closer to having the confidence to attempt pants or shorts again. Beginners: GET ON THIS PATTERN. You can do it!

0315 1887 Simplicity Back

0315 1887 Simiplicity skirt

05 May11 NEXT

0315 Mary Jane booties collage

Pattern: Mary Jane Baby Booties via Red Heart
Yarn: Pure Silk by Debbie Bliss in Purple and some 100% cotton yarn

I wish I had counted how many baby booties I’ve made in the last year. This is the only pair I crocheted. I’m currently on a shopping fast and am challenging myself to use what I already own instead of buying everything I think I need. I’m a firm believer that constraints make me more creative. But it doesn’t necessarily make things easier.

I almost went out and bought some new yarn, thinking I didn’t have anything that would work. I searched through my bits and pieces drawer (DIFFERENT from my yarn drawer!) and found these forgotten-about skeins: one is 100% cotton and the other is 100% silk. YES THAT BABY DESERVES SILK ON HER FEETS. I think the colors look great together and are not a combination that I would usually choose. See? More creative already.

There’s a sweet little Wednesday Addams-style dress I’m working on next. And about four saved drafts that I want to post. I suppose that means I’m back on blogging! Later!

Finished Project: Monster Booties

11 Nov15 monster booties 2Pattern: Ravelry user Needyl
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Bone and Sensations Angel Hair in Light Green

Reproduction season seems to be winding down as far as my circles go. The latest addition to the world made my good friend an aunt. The little dude gave me another chance to add to my knitting repertoire: booties.

11 Nov15 monster bootiesI made them inside-out, meaning reverse-stockinette. I thought the purl bumps made the yarn look fuzzier (added bonus: mistakes undetectable). Not unlike socks, baby booties take me longer than I expect. Yes, I probably could have knit the pair up in an afternoon, but I get that feeling of satisfaction when I finish one and decide I need a “break” before working up the motivation to start the second.

What took the longest was getting the little claws in. The pattern basically just said claws= french knots. I kept making them like embroidery french knots and it WAS NOT WORKING. Then I realized a powerful force called the Internet could help me and quickly found a YouTube tutorial. All the information in the world cannot stop me from stubbornly insisting I CAN FIGURE IT OUT.

11 Nov15 Monster booties 3They somehow ended up two different sizes, but hey– babies don’t give a fuck. Someone has insisted I make them in adult size, so I might have to worry a little more about matching at that point.

Finished Projects: Frankendress and Bunny Hat

Dress collage

Patterns: McCall’s 2401 (top), New Look 6864 (skirt), and McCall’s 6518 (pockets)
Fabric: from Hong Kong

I am pleasantly surprised with the way this dress turned out. Yes, it looks like an incredibly simple dress. But you see, for a recovering perfectionist, even the simplest things can be burdensome.

It feels like a thousand years ago that I bookmarked a sewing blog post of a dress that I otherwise would have looked over. So I bought the pattern and finally got around to making one for myself. I returned to the blog and, lo and behold, it was Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons fame that inspired me so long ago (long ago=2010).

When I cut this dress out, I had no intention of making a frankendress. But, I was woefully underwhelmed with how it was turning out as I was trying it on. Sorry not sorry I don’t have any pictures to share. I usually sew unshowered and in my underwear. Decidedly not modeling time.

07 July19 red belt

You should know by now that I do not make muslins. When fitting issues arise, I put my project down and pout for a few days while I figure out what to do. Of course, that usually leads to a million fixes and I can’t decide which one is right. Someone suggested to me that I just fuck with it. Maybe I’ll fail, maybe I won’t. Warily, I cut the dress in half. I added the skirt and waistband from New Look 6864, removed the waistband, lined the dress and now I love it. And it’s done. Hurray for me.

Belt-wise, it’s very versatile.

07 July19 plum belt

07 July19 zipper

The invisible zipper isn’t so invisible, but I am ok with that. Moving away from perfectionism.


Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in White and Soft Pink
Pattern: Pikadilly Charm via Pinterest

Two of my friends are having babies this summer and I am so excited to be able to use the baby projects I’ve pinned on Pinterest. If you did not click on the link to Pikadilly Charm above, please do that now because the baby pictured is hilarious. “I know you’re laughing at me because of this ridiculous hat on my head, but you feed me so I will oblige.” I hope the same face will be made when this hat gets worn.

Like boob hats, bunny hats crochet up fairly easily. Unlike the sweater I’ve been knitting for over a year and maybe one day will be featured on this blog.

Finished Project: Boob Hat!

06 June11 Hatcollage

Crocheted Breastfeeding Hat aka Boob Hat
Pattern from livinginamethyst via Etsy
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Bone and Soft Pink

I cackled the first time I saw a nippy hat on Pinterest and I’m pretty sure the 2nd thing I said to my friend when she told me she was pregnant was “NOW I GET TO MAKE A BOOB HAT!” The first thing, of course, being “That’s so great!” (at least let me remember it that way).

As you can probably tell from the look of it, the hat crochets up easily. You start at the top, so it could be awkward to have a little nipple sitting on the table of your Copenhagen AirBnB while you’re out sightseeing. Only if you choose to let it be awkward.

06 June11 Nip2 PS

Additionally, I wasn’t exactly sure if my nipple looked right (amiright, ladies???), so I probably remade it three or four times until I finally accepted what God gave me.

06 June11 Flat Hat

Finished the rest of it on the flight back from Denmark, where luckily, Em and I did not have a third in our row (what would you say if someone next to you on the plane was clearly crocheting a boob?). If the Etsy page for the pattern I used is correct, apparently this activity raises Breast Cancer Awareness ™…???? Not sure about that, but the hat was well-received at last weekend’s baby shower and I’m looking forward to being able to laugh at a baby wearing it for my own sick entertainment.

06 June11 Top of Hat