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Finished Project: My First Time With Colette

08 Aug3 moneta collage

Pattern: Colette Moneta
Fabric: from Paris

My first Colette pattern! Considering I wrote a guest post on the Colette blog before ever having completed one of their designs, I’d say it’s about time.

I can see why people like them so much! Easy pattern, clear instructions, cute results! I needed a low-risk pattern for this luscious jersey knit I bought back in 2006 while I was studying in Paris, giving it sentimental value. I had juuuuust enough yardage (er… pardon, métrage) to cut out the Moneta, so any f-ups and I’d be an inconsolable heap on the floor.08 Aug3 ampersandBut I found success! I lengthened the waist by about an inch and took a bit out of each armhole and it fits like a glove. I might have been able to finish the entire thing in a weekend, but with the 90-degree days we’ve been having in Seattle, I can only handle so much time in my hot sewing room. 08 Aug3 backDid the collar call for a 3/8″ seam allowance? I used the usual 5/8″ and it turned out a bit narrow, requiring occasional adjustment to keep it looking flat and neat. NBD.
08 Aug3 collarback08 Aug3 collarfront08 Aug3 frontI was hoping to learn how to use a double needle for the hem, but for the life of me, I could not get it to look right. Take a look at my practice scrap…08 Aug3 double needleIf it looks like nothing but a jumbled mess to you, exactly. I changed the bobbin tension, upper thread tension, stitch length, pressure foot pressure and could not get that god damn tunneling effect to flatten out, no matter how many tutorials I went through. Almost every one mentioned the zigzag stitch as an alternative, with the caveat that it would make my garment “look handmade.” Why are we serious crafters so worried about our handmade items looking handmade? I USED A ZIGZAG AND MY DRESS LOOKS GREAT!08 Aug3 hemdecorated


Finished Projects: Frankendress and Bunny Hat

Dress collage

Patterns: McCall’s 2401 (top), New Look 6864 (skirt), and McCall’s 6518 (pockets)
Fabric: from Hong Kong

I am pleasantly surprised with the way this dress turned out. Yes, it looks like an incredibly simple dress. But you see, for a recovering perfectionist, even the simplest things can be burdensome.

It feels like a thousand years ago that I bookmarked a sewing blog post of a dress that I otherwise would have looked over. So I bought the pattern and finally got around to making one for myself. I returned to the blog and, lo and behold, it was Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons fame that inspired me so long ago (long ago=2010).

When I cut this dress out, I had no intention of making a frankendress. But, I was woefully underwhelmed with how it was turning out as I was trying it on. Sorry not sorry I don’t have any pictures to share. I usually sew unshowered and in my underwear. Decidedly not modeling time.

07 July19 red belt

You should know by now that I do not make muslins. When fitting issues arise, I put my project down and pout for a few days while I figure out what to do. Of course, that usually leads to a million fixes and I can’t decide which one is right. Someone suggested to me that I just fuck with it. Maybe I’ll fail, maybe I won’t. Warily, I cut the dress in half. I added the skirt and waistband from New Look 6864, removed the waistband, lined the dress and now I love it. And it’s done. Hurray for me.

Belt-wise, it’s very versatile.

07 July19 plum belt

07 July19 zipper

The invisible zipper isn’t so invisible, but I am ok with that. Moving away from perfectionism.


Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in White and Soft Pink
Pattern: Pikadilly Charm via Pinterest

Two of my friends are having babies this summer and I am so excited to be able to use the baby projects I’ve pinned on Pinterest. If you did not click on the link to Pikadilly Charm above, please do that now because the baby pictured is hilarious. “I know you’re laughing at me because of this ridiculous hat on my head, but you feed me so I will oblige.” I hope the same face will be made when this hat gets worn.

Like boob hats, bunny hats crochet up fairly easily. Unlike the sweater I’ve been knitting for over a year and maybe one day will be featured on this blog.

Finished Project: Yellow Embroidered Dress

Image of author in flower market with a back view of yellow handmade dress with v-back

New Look 6020
Fabric from ebay
Embroidery design from Sublime Stitching

I’ve had a very unhealthy obsession with sewing for about twelve years. One might call it a mania. It will take some time to build the trust I require to share the amount of sewing materials I own (and continue to buy). In the meantime, let me share my most recent successful project (my current unsuccessful project will most likely come in a later post).

I finished this dress a few months ago. For something so simple, it took way longer than necessary. Now that I’m a “professional” I don’t have as much time or energy to sew as much as I used to. I’m also trying harder to focus on quality over quantity, which takes time.

image of author in yellow handmade dress with a white flower embroidery on shoulder

The little flowers are from the now-deceased Stitch It Kit by Jenny Hart. I find embroidery so relaxing and I don’t do it nearly enough. Adding a little detail like this scratches that itch, though.

Image of author on apartment balcony with arm resting on railing in yellow handmade dress

In regards to quality over quantity, I really hesitate to make anything without pockets. I am not very skilled in patternmaking, so if a dress pattern does not come with pockets, I just add them to the side seam. Problem is, I also love side-zip dresses and putting pockets in requires way too much effort on my part. This dress luckily has two seams down the front and I added them there. I wish it was one big kangaroo pocket, but see: name of this blog.

Image of author on apartment balcony with hands in pockets of yellow handmade dress

These pictures are from a recent vacation to Hong Kong (the purpose: purchasing fabric, duh). It was a humid market paradise, I loved it. This dress was perfect there. The yellow fabric is woven cotton and I lined it with a cotton knit. As an uncontrollably sweaty person, this was a good combination. I also wore it to a conference a few weeks ago with tights and a cardigan (yes, I wore a cardigan to a librarian conference, shut up). I really love clothes that can be worn in many situations. I’m hoping that writing that in a public place will hold me to making more versatile pieces.